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Thursday, November 15, 2007

White House it's our solution for PageRank 0

Today I read news about Advertising, very funny I think, why?, because after many years I make connection with this people, until know i really do what they do. Yeah as a blogger, who do business online. Please read this carefully, and take the point of it, then follow my opinion.

The funny Question is, If in this online business, people call us blogger, and call the tenant as advertiser = who pay for what we do. So who we are actually? and who is "The Advertiser"?, The answer is, event as a blogger, what we do it's a simple job, but actually what we do it's same with one full advertising company to do. But we do all by our own. We are the account executive, art director, or you name it, any position in advertising company, we already do it only by one man show or for some people we can call with one ladies show, ha...ha...ha...

The different is what we get for one job = just a few bug, but big advertising company have profit more than 100 thousand US $ for each job. What we do it's same, but what we get it's a "J.O.B." = "Just Offer Broke". A lot of success people at advertising business, make a joke, from the meaning of this word "J.O.B." . Why?, because very easy for them to make money & dream come true. They just need to be creative, and have a right connection at a right time, what people call "lucky".

Did all blogger in the world already united and have a good association? Please realize if we do not been united and have power from that, just say good bay to "Online Business". Today we found all P.R. just fall down to PR.0 by Google company, who have power by control almost all source for search in web. At this time if we already united, we can control Google not to do that, Why we can't use "atlas=map" for start to united and make a protest to Google, at the same time?

A few day ago I hear all blogger in the world was meet at Las Vegas, so are there realize how power full they are?
Actually Google only one company with 130 billion US$ asset & yahoo 30 billion US$ asset source by Business week.
Are they a big company? yes?, but are you American people and all blogger around the world know?, for one state like USA, Google it's a little one. A few day ago I read Mr. Bush plant 2 trillion US$ for his nation program, can you imagine the different between Google and USA? Yes, very funny how can million of blogger personal on line business company, can be scared and be suffer by Google. We are blogger in all the world can united and email to Mr. Bush "number one people in the world" and His Staff.

What for? of course for found a justice for this Google issue. I believe if They can help Irakin people from Saddam, now They can help us from Google. Yes because of His love to American people, Mr. Bush fight Saddam as a terrorist. He is a good Man, He have humanity as a human, so I believe He please to help us to take care this Google issue, with wisely.

Please wake up people this time we are in democratic era, no more place for people like Saddam.
Come on we can united to email Mr. Bush at White House

Did you realize one blogger equal as one business online company, so what are you scarred about? We are million of company all around the world and Google only one company. Come on people we can fight and win from Google. I do business with some multinational company like nestle, but they are OK, not make people suffering, or make people broke like this Google company.

I angry by what Google do to people at blogger on line business, please tell me, after meeting at Las Vegas who already has been choice as a leader for all blogger people in the world?
Because we really need a leader here, to fight some un humanity issue like Google do right now. We need a better people at Google management, who really a human, not a dictator like Saddam.

Wake Up and Cheers... For Blogger Individual Business On line...

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