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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Credit Card Reviews

In this couple month, people around me it looked like very suffer, some of them must lose his property, cars and black list by Bank. Who give them credit card service’s. As you know we can’t buy car or apartment with out credit card, And other thing we need, the problem it’s once we are black list, the Bank not more serve us as a king or a queen as usual.

But if we have a good record, many offer come to us again, again and again. Like me, the marketing executive officer always offer me the new card, for example:
1. Credit Cards with rewards credit cards.
2. Business Credit Card.
3. Merrill+ Card, etc.

Unfortunately for them, because they always get my rejection, why? Simple, because I must manage my money carefully. I watch and learn how people can be broke, just because they always spend their money for fun, party, drink, have a life style with some luxury thing’s. Event all of that they buy with credit card, and they pay credit with their salary every month. I wish always can manage my money with more wisely, and retired in Wealthy.

I hope this information can be use full for every body.

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