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Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Gift

Today I read my email from Human event, they offer me several product for Christmas Gift, one of them it's a book write by Joel Chanler Harris.

The title it's "The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus", and I write the introduction below to gift some one to read about it, who knows it could be interested you.

Isn't it just like liberals to diminish genuine racial and cultural diversity in the name of respecting it? That's what they've done with Huckleberry Finn, perhaps the greatest anti-slavery novel ever written, now tarred as "racist." And that's what they did with the tales of "Uncle Remus" -- a collection of African American folktales, many with roots in Africa itself, adapted and compiled by Joel Chandler Harris in the 1880s. Beloved by generations of Americans, black and white, these funny but pointedly moral stories about Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer B'ar and Brer Wolf were akin to -- and on a par with -- Aesop's fables. The problem, as modern liberals saw it, was the use of black dialect, and the fact that the title character and fictional narrator of the stories, Uncle Remus himself, was a kindly old slave. So "politically incorrect" have these stories come to be seen that a hugely popular 1946 film version, Disney's Song of the South, has never been released on video -- though many consider it one of that studio's animation masterpieces. As for the stories themselves, they were banned from most schools and libraries in the 1960s, becoming almost unobtainable. Not anymore, now you can get The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus for Christmas!

You can buy This book by on line service's.
I hope this information can be use full for every body.

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