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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Europe sound like very famous and luxury place, but please be care full, because this respectfully place, have a lot of hidden cost, if you visit there. This is a little tips for you, if you want to visit Europe for the first time. Please take €uro at a little value like 10 or 50 €uro, why? Because if you shopping and pay them with 1.000 €uro they can charge you for change the money. Please do not change money at airport because they charge you a lot of money. Do not take US. $, because they charge you a lot, when you want to buy €uro, like if you change money at moneychanger, at the arrival terminal. Please always prepare one or two €uro for pay, if you want go to toilet. Funny maybe, but that is Europe, ha…ha…ha…

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