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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hotel Reservations

My wife and I like travelling . In a year we can go out for travel two or three times. It depends on our budget. It also happens too my family. My sisters and mother always telling each other if Their found a good hotel but not expensive to stay. For me Hotel Reservations is very important. We can manage our schedule with well and you know , we can save a lot of money.
I have search this Hotel Reservations site and it is a great site, because it have a lot of discount. This site have a lot of kind to serve like hotel ,motel ,resort and rental vacation. For my opinion I like to stay at hotel. My wife have the same answer too . But my mother like stay at motel. She have a good memory with motel, when she was young and likes it until now.ha..ha..ha..
But my brother have a different taste with us, he prefer to stay at resort. For me resort is good too but the price is more higher. But they have a lot of good facility to use. I know my brother, he always like the best one. The important we have to do when we are travelling is make sure the price. I have checked for the discount hotels last time and it really low rates, the price better than I usually book at my local travel company. So I make a decision to search at hotel reservations, as my favorite site every times I want to travel.
Now I try to search the vacation package, it will be great too if we book a vacation package. It's very complete, they have arrange all our needs like one or two destinations we like to take, type of destination we want ( like Flight + Hotel + Car , Flight + Hotel , Hotel + Car , Flight + Car ). It will be perfect because it suits for all people needs.
I imagine if I want go to a beach island like "pulau Langkawi or Langkawi Island" in Malaysia, I will take flight + hotel + car. The last time we went there at last year, we must find hotel by our self and looking a car for rent. So it is very perfect for me to take the packages if we want go to some place like that.

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