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Friday, January 11, 2008

Thailand Monarchy

Why Politic is so cruel? because in Politic you never have a real best friend. They always say a friend is a good enemy or a close enemy, and that make the political people always must have power, for control other people. That's make them have a lot of employee, the employee always give them answer yes Sir..., yes Mam... or yes Boss...

But in Thailand monarchy you can found a different system, The King always have a good adviser and the adviser not his employee, the adviser is his friend, brother or Teacher.

They been a monk for many years and The King give him a title, as the venerable "King Monk".

As a "King Monk", the adviser can criticism the King, This very dangerous job, because the king can execute any body at any time, because he have full power of the monarchy or the kingdom.

In Democracy or Monarchy I think the important is you have a wise man behind you as a good friend and adviser, if not just prepared for always feel lonely, nervous and scared to be kill by some one or some people, ha...ha...ha...

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