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Friday, January 11, 2008

Rugby Tournament

For every body who love sport, especially Rugby professional, I think you must visit this RBS 6 nations website, the official website for Europe's premier international rugby tournament, the 6 nations podcasts championship. You can found a comprehensive list of tournament news, fixtures and results, as well as interactive games and podcasts section for six nations fans.
And for you a professional player and have a good team, I suggest you to learn they rules before you decide to joint this tournament.
Rules of the RBS 6 Nations Championship :
1. The RBS 6 Nations Championship is contested each season over seven weekends during February, March and sometimes April by the international sides of France England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.
2. Each team plays the other five once per season with home advantage in alternate seasons (eg England hosted France in 2003, and so France host England in 2004), giving a total of 15 matches per Championship.
3. The RBS 6 Nations Championship Trophy is presented to the team who earn the most points during the season, with 2 points being awarded for a win, and 1 point for a drawn match.If two or more teams finish the Championship with the same number points, the winner is decided on match-points difference (subtracting match-points 'against' from match-points 'for' in all Championship matches). If there is still no winner, then it is awarded to the team who scored the most tries during the Championship.If after all this a winner still cannot be decided then the Championship is shared between the teams.
4. If in winning the Championship a team also wins all of their five matches, they are given the title of 'Grand Slam' winner.
5. There is also the title of 'Triple Crown' competed for each season, which is awarded if a team from the 4 Home Unions (England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) beats each of the other 3 Home Unions.
I think I have a long explanation about rugby and I hope this is a good start for all people who interested.

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