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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Nice Charity Site

Rain..., rain..., rain..., again rain all night event at the new years....
flood and mud line at a few city, a lot of people lose their house and property also their shrimp pond or animal. A lot of farm been destroyed, people suffer and cry.
We only can make a few donation for them, like money, use cloth or food. Event some time I wish I can do more for them, but I glad to know a lot of famous and rich people like Madam Oprah who build a women school at Africa ( record by CNN ). I also see a launch at CNN about a USA teen, collect $ 50,000 and build a school at Indonesia, yes she is only 18 years teenage girls from USA. Ha...ha...ha..., I think I do not yet do a lot for help suffering people, but I wish I can do more from time to time and from place to place. What she do is inspiring me for help more people and I start to tell my friend about a charity web site like Planet Aid, I also try to explain to them about what this web site do to help poor people at Asia and Africa, Like:
1. Donations lap top for teacher training.
2. Support Free Rice.
3. Clothing Donation.
4. Volunteer in Africa.
5. Volunteer in USA, for collect use cloth.
6. Collect use Cloth or sell in eBay.
7. Donate the money from selling in eBay.
8. They also collect a lot of use toys, shoes, from the box they put in USA, Canada, etc.
Because a lot of location for the box, I believe you can found some near you at :
1. New England.
2. Upstate NY.
3. New York City.
4. New Jersey.
5. Pennsylvania.
6. Baltimore Washington.
7. Richmond, VA.
8. North Carolina.
9. Detroit, MI.
10. Cleveland, OH.
11. Columbus, OH.
12. Dayton, OH.
13. Kansas City, MO.
14. Los Angeles, CA.
I fell good because I tell to people how they can make a charity to a good institution like this Planet Aid.

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