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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Democracy is the best Revenge

Democracy is the best revenge? ha...ha...ha...
Who is the best professor of law school in this world can support this words?
The sample of the good Leader is The King of Thailand, He have Love from his people. Their people very love The King Rama, and you can found or meet their VIP Officer in public place, like their prime minister ( Mr. Prem Sulanontda ) or their General. ( I can meet them at the temple when we pray to King Monk at Wat Bawon , Bangkok Thailand ).
They VIP people can go to public place with their family with out any guard or just with a minimum guard, they feel very safe, not scared to be murder or something like that, because they have love from their people and God.
Because The One "Buddha Sakyamuni" never teach people use Democracy as the best way for revenge.
Because the meaning of revenge is cruel, killing, murder, punishment, etc.

News :
Zardari is studying history at Christ Church College and has three more years of his course to run. (record by : CNN ).

I believe Jesus also not teach people to make any revenge or killing in the name of Democracy, ha...ha...ha...

But if he said he want make a peace in Pakistan use Democracy, I think is better for his image as a Pakistan future leader.

I sure this teenager very emotional and not realize what he said, ha...ha...ha... , By the way I wish he can learn from history and be a good leader one day, ha...ha...ha...

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