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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Donate Boat

Many years ago, when I need to ride a boat, I must have a seamen book, that's like a licence for a seamen or a sailor. But do not forget your passport if you want past to another country. Until two month ago my old friend call me, and we chat a lot of our family news. We also talk a few things about some business issue, at our old city. He make us remember about our old memories, when we fishing and be a sailor men. He ask me to involve at a charity event they want to make, he said Some of my friend want make a charity event name Donate Boat and their also make Children's Animation DVDS, at Vision plus. Some of that DVDs also has be auction for donation at that charity event, but the purpose they make that DVDs, is for a free distributed to orphans children. For a good purpose I also think how if I Donate my Boat , This boat I already have for many years, but because I maintenance with well it's still like a new one. May be after I have another new boat, I can donate my boat, by the way honestly I have nothing to lose, because that charity I make can cut my cost for tax I must pay every years. Finally, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years 2008 for every one.

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