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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Light

Christmas and New Years is the great event for almost big city's in this world. Event not all people is Christian, But because of western culture who always been a center of fashion and models for all over the world. That's make this Christmas and New Years event always look like very general for every people at every place at this world. So, who can be win between westernisation and easternisation? ha..., ha..., ha...
The answer is, who is want to be the middlenisation or how many people want be the middlenisation?
Because middlenisation is mean they all join together and be united. No war, no fight, no killing, no assassination, no hard filling, no weapon competition, all country be one peace like this world already in one continent again like before.
This ideal solution already been teach by our great "Teacher", "The One" and we called "Buddha Sakyamuni" because he is a prince from Sakya clan at India before he becoming a "Buddha" ( Awakened ), since 2.500 years ago.

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