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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Boat Angel

A lot of people came to the charity event at this years, some of them call their teenage member make attention with wearing like a Santa Claus or wear a hat like a deer. They bring a big pocket and the other hand they swing a little gold bell, kleneng....,kleneng...,kleneng..., the sound like a bell for you to call a bell boy, at your restaurant or hotel. Some of them also yelling their charity foundation name like Boat Donations ...., Boat Donations ....,Free DVDs ....., for Charity Boat Donations ..... Their yelling again, again and again, they not look like tired or boring, all of them look like very happy, always smile, joking with their member and very friendly. The situation is very noisy and a lot of people make a film for their self or take a cute photo for keep their memory about this event. I tell my friend how lucky you are, because you have a lot of teenage member, who really have a spirit of Christmas and want to be volunteer for this charity event. They also make a few auction for some stuff their already collect before this day. I wish every body in this world have a same attention for the orphans, poor people and a lot of children in the poorest countries of the world.

Boat Donations

Charity Boat Donations

Free DVDs

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