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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Debt Consolidation

For business people, especially if they have a lot of company and already been a holding company or many of holding company. Every month they must make a consolidation for make a finance report. Usually they use a professional public consulting like I use here. Event my company is not a holding company, but because my company already been registered and must make a finance report every month. I send the report to government tax department, for tax report every month, and I must pay for what they services.
Now, I can save my money, when my friend tell me about this web site, name debt consolidation, He says his wife already use this web site services for along time, and they help him a lot, when she need to consolidation they debt. Especially when they must re account they debt with all interest from they bank statement, because for running the four company they have, they have more than four escrow account, eight saving account and four bank credit account. Wow, can you imagine how confuse they are, if they must do that all a lone at the same time? ha...ha...ha...
I don't want to do that, would you...? ha...ha...ha...because from my experience, they must split that job at least to four different professional account and finance officer.

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