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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The Perfection of Generosity ( Dana )
Vessantara Birth Tale ( Vessantara Jatake Story )

Once The Bodhisattva (The Aspirant Buddha) was born Prince Vessantara. Immediately after being born, he stretched his hand asking for something to be given as a gift. In his childhood, Prince Vessantara, give all his costly ornaments to his wet nurses. When he grew up into youth he married Madri Devi and became king. They had two children son Jaliya and daughter Krishnajina. When he was king representatives of Kalinga Kingdom. Where there had been no rain for a long spell. Came to king Vessantara and asked him to donate them his suspicious Elephant. That had the Power to create rain. King Vessantara gave them the elephant.

The people of the country became angry at that and he was sent into exile in the wilderness. There while he was practicing uasterities, with his queen and two children. An old Brahman called Jujaka came and asked the two children as a gift. The King gave them to the old Brahman. The chief of gods? Determined to test the king’s generosity came in the guise of an old man and asked that the queen be given to him. The king gifted the queen. The chief of gods, revealed his true identity and gave back the queen to the king. The two children were eventually rescued by their grand father and king Vessantara was brought back as king. For seven months he perfected generosity.

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