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Friday, November 9, 2007

The Perfection of Equanimity

The Perfection of Equanimity
Lomahansa Jataka ( Birth Tale )

Once the Bodhisattve ( the Aspirant Buddha ) in a previous birth, took to the life of an unclothed ascetic. He practiced austerities that werw outside the Buddhist sysem. He shunned the company of human beings. He was frightened of them. Towards the end of this wrong practice of asceticism, he knew that he would born in hell, after death.
Realizing the gravity of the situation he immediately gave up the misguided practices and started leading the life of proper asceticism. As a result of this he was born in Tusita Heaven after his death.

The Perfection of Effort ( The Birth Story of Prince Pancayudha )
Once the Bodhisattva ( the Aspirant Buddha ) was born, Prince Pancayudha ( the Prince of five-fold weapons ). He was adept at wielding weapons. When he was returning to his kingdom, after completing his studies at Disapamok Acariya, he had to travel through a thick forest. A ferocious demon names silesaloma lived here. The Prince challenged him and shot fifty arrows at him. All arrows hung in the demon’s bod hair without harming him. The Prince attacked him with his sword. The sword too stuck in the demon’s hair. Next he attacked him with his cudgel. Even the cudgel did not harm the demon. The Prince’s hands. Feet and head all clung to the demon’s hair. Without harming the demon.
The Pince told the demon. “If you ate me, the crystl weapon concealed within my body, will cut your inner body into pieces. Then both you and I will die together”. The Prince, of course, referred to the weapon of wisdom, Within him. The demon got frightened and freed the prince. The prince, preached Dhamma to the demon, and made him tread the path of righteousness. The prince returned to his kingdom and duly became king.

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