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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Perfection of Renunciation

Perfection of Renunciation
Makhadeva Jataka ( Birth Story )

Once the Aspirant Buddha was born as King Makhadeva of Videha. He ruled his country virtuously forquitealing while. He experienced the luxuries of kingly life for many years. One day, he summoned his barber and said to him: “Friend Barber, when you see a grey hair among my locks please let me know”. After a long while the Barber noticed a grey hair among the king’s locks. He placed the grey hairs in the King’s palm. Considering these grey hairs as messengers of Death, he decided to renounce.
He left his Kingdom, and took to the life of a wandering ascetic. After long years of ascetic life, he died and was born in the abode of Brahma.

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