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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Perfection of Morality

Perfection of Morality
Chaddanta Jataka ( Birth Story )

The Aspirant Buddha was once born in the Himalayas as the leadr of a herd of elephants. A female elephant by the name of Chulla Subadra, became jealous of the king elephant and dicided to take revenge of him, when female would be born as a princess. As she had wished, the female elephant, after her death was born as a princess and eventually become the chief consort of the king of Benares. Recalling her past birth, she decided to destroy the king elephant. She informed her husband the king that she desired very much to possess two tusks of the elephant king.

A forest chief, an able hunter-Sonuttara was sent to the wilderness to bring back the tusks. He laid a trap and wounded the king elephant. The Bodhisattva elephant himself, willingly donated his tusks to the Hunter. He brought the tusks to the queen. The realizing the gravity of the crime she committed, died of grief.


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