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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stock Market

Fed Rate Cut, Stock Market run like roller coster, can be Google going be cheaper than Yahoo? some people fried the bond, Gold going up than ever and a lot of CEO of multinational company meet together at Davao's Switzerland. What haven't to stock market at next week ? just plant it carefully...

How people pump-and-dump scams work ?

Scammers buy stock in a small company, often with stock prices of only a few dollars per share. Then they send out millions of e-mail or text messages across the globe to encourage recipients to buy that stock. These messages can even be disguised as confidential information that was sent to the recipient by mistake.
When enough people buy the stock, the price of the stock goes up. When the price is high enough, the spammers sell their shares. The price goes back down, and people who purchased the stock as a result of the tip suffer.
It can be difficult to find out who's behind pump-and-dump e-mail scams. That’s because spammers can take control of large numbers of computers and turn them into zombies that can work together as powerful 'botnets' to send the spam messages out.
For more information, see Zombies and botnets: Help keep your computer under control.
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What you can do to avoid pump-and-dump scams ?

• Use spam filtering technology. For more information, see Help keep spam out of your inbox.
• Don't make investment decisions based on anonymous e-mail or text messages you receive.
• Don't open attachments in unsolicited e-mails. To avoid being caught by spam filters, stock spam usually is sent as an image or as a PDF attachment.
• Use an Internet service provider (ISP) or e-mail provider that has implemented Sender ID Framework, a technical solution to detect and block spoofed e-mail. Windows Live Hotmail and Exchange Server 2003/2007 are two solutions that support this technology.
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