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Monday, January 21, 2008

Addiction Treatment

Speaking about drugs, alcohol, cocaine, morfin, marijuana, Ecstasy, and many more item of drugs can make people addiction and going mad. Why people can be addiction and what is the addiction for the user? how they feel about addiction? I make an easy sample from my own experience, many years ago when I still at high school, I do smoke three pack a day, Wow a lot of cigarette if I remember it now, I also have stock many dozen, many item with many brand of cigarette at my bed room. I always buy one big pack inside about 10 small pack, when I go to supermarket. Easy for me to have money from my parent and that cigarette is cheap for me, that time one pack cigarette about $ 0.5 until $ 0.6 and my parent give me $ 20 a week, so no problem for me to buy, when I want. But the point is when some one smoke they feel high and a little confuse like stop thinking about anything, that is the affect why people always use cigarette or drugs or alcohol, etc, for stop their stress or for make them sleep for a while and have a new fresh stamina at the morning so far they have enough time for sleep. After that they hungry and life like at heaven for them. Some drugs come from medical experiment for cure people who have mental problem, at my place people call it "gracy dog", because that drugs is for cure scared people to be life normal at their society. But if normal people eat that drugs, they can act very aggressive and not just hit some one with out reason, they also have guts for rubber bank or killing a lot of people. Maybe terrorist use this drugs for training their member to kill people, who knows right, ha...ha...ha...
The filling good after use the drugs is course addiction, but it's easy to stop if they can life at drug rehab with or for drug treatment at good drug rehabilitation center. I recommended This one drug rehabilitation who belong of generous people like the owner of Kellogs company, the treatment center is located in Battle Creek Michigan, and offers water frontage on St. Mary's Lake.
Call Toll Free 1-888-227-9193 -->Local Telephone: 231-314-5251. or you can easy to fill the form at :

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