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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Online Backgammon

Yesterday I meet my new friend Lucky, we meet at Starbucks cafe. They have hot spot there, Lucky have bring his lap top and start to play a game name backgammon. This backgammon online have a cheerful design, and the content it's easy to understand, I like that. Very simple to play in this online backgammon.
I tell him to be careful, because we can't gambling in public. But surprise me he laugh me ha...ha...ha..., "what wrong, what is funny?" I say. Then he explain to me, he said "this is just a game man, what you scared about?, it's free man". "What?", I say that surprise me at the first time. " Backgammon online it's free?" I said again.
Then we start to play that backgammon online, "wow this is fun man", I said to him. He smile and look like happy to introduce me this game.

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