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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Jennifer Rubin, write about fighting for Iowa.
A month before the voting starts things have taken a turn for the worse for Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney in Iowa -- which their supporters and many pundits deems critical to their chances of victory. Neither is ignoring their peril but it remains to be seen whether the tactics each are employing are going to help or make matters worse.
For Clinton the air of invincibility has dissipated. Following her disastrous "driver's license for illegal aliens" debate performance and the whining that followed, her astronomical lead in national polls has shrunk and she faces immediate peril in Iowa where the poll average shows her in a tie with Barack Obama, only slightly ahead of John Edwards. Never one to stand idly by when her objectives were imperiled she has gone negative, some say ballistic, in an effort to crush her opponents and prevent a huge upset on January 3. She has directly attacked Obama on social security, Iran and healthcare -- and even dug up a kindergarten essay (hey, the guy must have been smart to be writing essays in kindergarten) showing he really did have a life long desire to be president.

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