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Friday, March 7, 2008

Black Friday

Looking at this thanksgiving deals reminds me, with the last big deal at thanksgiving... yeah.. actually it is not me..but my brother did it at Wall mart.
But this is Black Friday...this site gives them a lot of deal online, I am sure no other place have this price. My brother said got these news by their alert email that told him. It is so nice I saw he got the thing with impossible price...
At last thanksgiving great deals, he have to Queue at the store from 5am..ha..ha..ha..he said it was so exciting... he didn't feel how long he wait.. and it seems so quick .. it is he said to me. And he is very proud having his new laptop on his hand at last year.
I think this year he will get this chance , because he have been put my emails to receive offers email alerts that let us know when new black Friday ads have been posted.
And this year ... a day after thanksgiving he no more need to Queue at Wall mart with his family... together he will shop the great things by on line. I think he will like to have a HDTV at Best Buy. Yes... he need a new HDTV to replace his old TV for his new home. Because his favorite hobby... is watching TV will become more exciting. How about your plan for this year ?

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