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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lemo Connector

After have two days vacation...I mean it weekends ha..ha..ha.. I try to search internet tonight. This time I saw a lemo connector site. I like to see it because it gives me a lot of information that I don't know before. And for the design it is very much and we can used it which is fix for ours.
And the price is quite fair too. We can buy it online with credit card. It is nice and there have a support centre for us. So when we have a problem or don't know which one is suit for us we can get a contact and all our needs can answered by them.
But I think my friend who has a factory must need it very much. You know having a factory must have a lot of problems and will this site will help him very much. So I quickly got a phone and going to ask him. After we have a nice talk for ten minutes Jony ( my friend ) thanks for me. ha..ha..ha.. I feel great if I can help my friends through my hobby ...searching the internet.
Jony said to me he need it very much, usually he buy at local store , but the there have no much design and only have the metal one. So he always buy the wrong one and asked another one to fix it again. And it makes the connectors a high cost. Knowing this site makes him have more choice which one he wants to used and the prices are more cheaper than usually he bought.
And he always pay cash for the connectors , now he can paid by credit card and this facility must give him more happy. And he told me he wants to tell this news to all of his friends who have a factory too. Yeah...this is really great.

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