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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Business Communications

For business some time's I need a professional, budget cable data services or cheap business communications services. As specially at this global economy crisis, we must account or spend carefully any cost for our business. Finally I found a website name Advanced Communications & Maintenance, they can be contact at :

Inc.31 Tosca DriveSuite 2Stoughton, MA 02072Toll Free: (877)775-4ACMLocal Call: (781) 341-4847 Fax: (781) 341-9733Sales: (781) 341-4847 x.202,sales@acmcomm.comSupport (781) 341-4847

When I contact them, they offer me a highly competitive business environment, effective communication is critical to the success of your business. The more efficiently your business handles its communications, the greater your organization's chance for success. The consequence of long call holding periods, incorrect routing, or lost messages could mean a loss of business. The NEAXMail® AD-8 Solution The NEAXMail AD-8 voice mail system will handle your organization's communication needs, provide better service and maximize employee productivity. The combined functionality of a sophisticated auto attendant and customized digital integration enables the system to answer and route your calls quickly and efficiently. Also, the system can place callers on hold, inform them of the number of calls holding ahead and update the information. It can screen calls and announce the name of the caller, giving you the option to take the call or send it to voice mail, this is very helpful for me to run my business activity. Not mean because I plant to efficiency my system, but what they offer me is hard for me to say no, ha...ha...ha...

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