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Friday, November 23, 2007


Today I glad have a new visitor's name Breezy, who need my link, for his traffic.
Just like me, some time's I think if we change link and have traffic, it can make us better than the other's.
But you know Google already break that rule, they no more give P.R. for some blogger.
Than company like PPP, start make their own Real Rank for their customer.
By the way, I also not understand why the PPP can't approved my blog as their member?
They have hundred of hundred of OPP, that why I wish they not arrogant like the Google SEO officer, ha...ha...ha...
Did you agree with me Breezy?
Very funny if two company like Google and PPP fight, why we are the blogger must be suffer because of it, right?
I wish they can realize what they do.

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