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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bid on casino, with your deposit interest.

Many years ago I have work at one of holding company in my country. The owner also have casino, the funny is I never go to casino until I quit from my job. Talking about holding company, it's very imagine and complicated. One holding company can been conecting one and the other's, just like a spider nest, yes like Spiderman Nest. Some people can be owner of many holding company, and no body know who is the boss. They just know the employee, who take salary every month, and they call him a boss. The real bos never take salary, or money from company for his need's, until they share the profit. As a holding company who also operated some casino, they pay many of debt collector, the debt collector have 30 % fee from the nominal of their collective money. So, if any body not have money, please never try to take any credit from casino. Just play with your deposit interest, and stop where it gone, ha...ha...ha..., you have nothing to lose only your deposit interest from the bank.

Hope this information can be use full for every body.

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