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Monday, November 26, 2007

Backgammon tournaments

Some times if we visit one place, its make us remember when we still a child. When I still at premiere school, my parent take me to visit night market. I happy to visit night market with them, because I can play a lot of game. Some of the game I just can see, and one of the game they call "Kopro" ( in Melayu ), In modern world this game have a similar with
. Many people
play backgammon
, who know’s after I have visit to some casino at Genting Highland and Macao, I saw people play this game again and surprise me, because they also have special tournament for this game, It’s call
backgammon tournaments
. Op's…! I must very be careful spend my money; except, I am the owner of the casino, ha…ha…ha…

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