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Friday, May 30, 2008


Talking about thanks giving is always exciting for me , and I remember it because it is near with the Christmas too.Yeah..most of every body in this world celebrating Christmas with happily and before it that they would celebrating thanksgiving day.
In my place celebrating this thanksgiving day is nice but what I know that my friends who had stayed in United States is very great to celebrating this day. They spent hours to queue at the shopping centre to buy things that have great discount.
But what I know then we didn't need to queue or standing a lot of time in front of the shopping place anymore.I said like this because we can have email alerts to let us know that black Friday ads have been posted so we can buy it with very nice without standing in the line like the old ways they did.
So my friends told me that at this 2008 thanksgiving specials , they really have specials things with special services too. I feel happy too like them and they said this year will be an exciting year. And I said I will email to all of my others friends too if they still don't know so they will have this exciting years too.

This site let people purchase Black Friday items online without the hassle of having to stand in line at the store at 5am. Feel free to talk about how the site also offers email alerts that let you know when new black friday ads have been posted. They tried to make it a consumer friendly site that was useful for planning your holiday shopping last year.

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