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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Drug Rehab Programs

Very hard for a teenager live with they idealism at this modern time, because if you not try something new, your friend call you a coward and left you a lone. I you follow them, for the first time they challenge you to try smoke cigarette, drink a cane of beer, eat a few sleeping pills like Valium, smoke a few cigarette make from marijuana, all is a beginning for them to use a cocaine or heroin.
Very ironic, for some people to late for them to realize how danger all this stuff for their future.
For some people they died after over Dosi's, and if they lucky they can be help with
drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program and some of them also been help use a lot of different drug treatment program like :

In-patient residential treatment programs (short or long-term)
Outpatient intense treatment
Medically supervised detoxification
Cognitive behavioral style of treatment
The Matrix Model for stimulant abusers
Supportive-Expressive psychotherapy
Motivational Enhancement style of treatment
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Behavioral therapy for adolescents
Prison-based programs
Support group recovery (Twelve Step programs)
Rational Recovery

The question is where the drugs come from?, for a lot of people, the drug is easy to found or buy. Because a lot of drugs store in a round the world and many nurse or Doctor have access to have it, some people can have from they girls friend who work at hospital as a nurse or doctor, for some people they can have from the owner of the drugs store, who always have a legal access for have an distribute this drugs legally. ha...ha...ha..., very funny a lot of police looking for the drugs dealer but they never realize that's drugs just distribute legally at around the world by legal company with a professional people who suppose to be use this drugs for medical purpose, ha....ha....ha....

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