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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ultra Hal Assistant

Have you ever think that you have a robot assistant ? When I was young , after I saw film cartoon ,I always have this dream , a robot told me when I have to shower, eat , doing home work and give me a hot chocolate drink .
But today I saw Zabaware software can told me a lot of things that I have to do by chatting with the really reminds me for my young dreams. It is a software that have ability giving our computer to thought using artificial intelligence technology, speech recognition technology, and real-time animation.
So we can chat with our computer and have a Ultra Hal Assistant which would be our secretary that can remember and remind our appointments, dial phone numbers for us , run programs on our computer, and the others. And this is includes 3D animated cool characters speaks to us.
You can have it too by click this to download and soon you will have a cool assistant ready to use.

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