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Monday, July 2, 2007


Today I’m happy, because we receive payment from Cellini furniture company at Indonesia.
After a horrible prose’s finally we finish they order and have paid.

The issue begin since one of they employee at Cellini Indonesia = mrs. Imelda.
She Contact us and fax inquire for print Cellini brochure.
The information we receive = what they want its brochure with size A.4
+ 4 and 4 colors (print full color separation for both side) + laminating doff for both side and they give us the final art works in C.D. + sample.
After we agree with the price, they fax the Purchase Order, with out signature.
They also say this is urgent and need quickly delivery to them.
Its very simple and ordinary procedure, for us.
But they surprise me when my employee pick up the art work’s from their office at apartment semanggi 16 flour.
Why…?, because the sample or material printing, they give us its 9,9 cm x 63 cm.
Then we contact them for confirmation about the different item that’s automatically making a different price.
They say ok, we must fax another quotation for approval by their boss, we don’t know who.
But once more their surprise me, because they reply our quotation with note: these quotations not have approval by their boss, than the purchase order must be canceled.
We contact them and say they can’t cancel the purchase order because we already buy the material for printing.
But if they still want to canceled, its ok…, for the compensation they must pay the same value with the purchase order they already open for us.
But once more they surprise me, because they want to deny that purchase order we have its original, they say that purchase order not original because they not put any signature on it.
I said as a human don’t be like that, because you make a big mistake, if you want to cheat us in here.
But mrs. Imelda say’s Cellini it’s a big company, and not scared with any one, or any of consequences from us.

We try to contact their head office at Singapore by email.
But I been shock after several day they not give us any attention for this issue.
Then with out any choice we email the Venerable Minister Industry and Trading department of Singapore and their staff.
We tell them about this issue, and we glad after that in a few day’s we have call by the international operation director of Cellini = Mr. Jeffery.
He say, their already at in Indonesia and have order by their Ceo Mr. Tan, for clear the issue we email to their MIT department.
After a few hour meeting, we deal I can continue and print for them following the specification at the Purchase Order.
And after they (mr. Nick Ong Cellini country manager) insist, we also give them free charge for folded the brochure.

How about you…?
Did you have any experience like this…?
Would you give me your opinion…?
Please give me a comment if you like it, and I’m very pleased to know about it….


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